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We develop (for) you

Customer specific development combined with own products

Longtime partner for complex IT solutions

Specialists in central access management


Customer portals

Service management 



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The customer describes the desired solution



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We deliver a solution based on the customers demands. Normally we give a fixed price


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We develop in close contact with the customer


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Testing is done by both us and the customer. We first test in our environment before implementing in testenvironment at the customer.

We are open to improvements in this phase.


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We assists the customer in go live and have extra support for early life support

What We Offer


Support is accessable through customer portal, mail and phone.

LPC Central access management

Main product is LPC an automatec central access management solution in production in Region Stockholm. Solution for multiple hosbitals including NKS. New Karolinska Solna.


We do custom specific software. We have vast experience of integrations. One example is VoY audit control of scientific instruments at RISE.

Marval plugins

Standalone customer portal solution for complex organizations.

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We serve


Big Science

Counties and municipalities


Any company with software issues


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